Dr. Casper vd Tak

Development and environmental economist


Casper is an experienced economist with work experience in China, Costa Rica, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Russia, SaudiArabia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekista


Chemistry – propedeuse (August 1985) - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Economics – doctorandus title (roughly equal to Masters) - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Economics phD – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Casper has worked for clients such as European Commission, AsDB, World Bank, IFC, DANIDA (DK), DGIS (NL), DFID (UK), Ministry of Economic Affairs (NL), Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (NL), the Netherlands branch organization for energy distributors, several private sector clients, etc.

Most of Casper’s recent assignments have been in Asia, in the areas of environment, energy and economics. Since 1996, Casper carried out some 75+ commercial assignments in China and 20+ assignments in China that were funded by public institutions (EC, major donors, multilateral organizations, etc.). His main fields of interest are JI and CDM.

Relevant to this assignment are:
• Casper familiarity with CDM, JI and other climate change related financial mechanism
that can be used to support investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy;
• Casper’s experience in developing mechanisms to support investments in renewable energy efficiency projects;
• Casper’s general experience in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy;
• Casper’s work on financing investment projects.


Country: China.
Period: 2004/6-date.
Financier/Client: Chinese project owners / Buyers of Certified Emission Reductions.
Project: CDM projects (100+ as per June 2008)
Casper is responsible for the development of a large number of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in China, either supervising a team of Caspervandertak Consulting’s experts and providing quality control, or as main expert responsible for the development of the CDM projects. Activities include:
• Project identification and CDM eligibility assessment
• Drafting of the carbon asset documentation: Project Idea Note (PIN) and Project Design Document)
• Development of our stakeholder consultation procedure, conducting stakeholder consultation meetings, and supervision of implementation of the stakeholder consultation meeting.
• Marketing of the emission reductions (CERs) resulting from the CDM projects
• Support of validation and verification of the projects respectively the emission reductions
from the project
• Arranging finance for the projects (not carbon-related)
Casper worked on the following type of CDM projects:
• Windpark projects
• Hydropower projects
• Landfill gas projects
• Waste heat Utilization in cement plants and copper smelters
• Biomass-fired power plants
• Coal Mine Methane utilization