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Since last August, many investment funds have withdrawn capital from large enterprises in different sectors.

On September 13, Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch sold more than 3.9 million shares of Saigon Securities Company (SSI). After the transaction, the volume of SSI shares held by Deutsche Bank AG decreased from 27.5 million shares, corresponding to 5.74% of capital to 23.6 million shares, equivalent to 4.93%.

Earlier, in March and August, Deutsche Bank AG sold a total of nearly 6.6 million shares of SSI.

Red River Holding (RRH), an investment fund established by Artemis group in 2008, owned by the French billionaire François Pinault, sold 3.6 million shares of FPT.

RRH is no longer a major shareholder of FPT as its ownership fell from 24.7 million shares (5.38%) to 21 million shares (4.58%) as of September 9.

RRH also registered to sell 2 million shares of Vinh Hoan seafood processing company (VHC), and to transfer more than 3 million shares of Minh Phu Seafood (MPC) to its subsidiary.

Previously RRH poured $243 million into 27 companies in Vietnam. However, this fund has divested from Tien Phong Plastics (NTP), Vicostone (VCS), Vinasun (VNS), Hoa Phat Group (HPG), Everpia (EVE), Ngoc Nghia Plastics (NNG) because 2017 is scheduled to be the closing date of the fund.

Foreign investors also withdrew capital from one of the giants in the retail sector of Vietnam – Mobile World (MWG).

Mekong Enterprise Fund II successfully sold 2.7 million shares of MWG on September 21, bringing the total number of shares sold since the beginning of the year to 5.2 million shares. This fund now holds 10.8 million shares at MWG, equivalent to 7.39.

So far this year, NTAsia Discovery Master Fund has sold 1 million shares of MWG, and CDH Electric Bee Limited also sold 4.4 million shares.

On September 15, Wareham Group Limited – an investment fund related to Dragon Capital – was no longer a major shareholder of Hoa Phat Group (HPG), after its ownership rate decreased to 4.98% after selling 200,000 shares of HPG.

Wareham Group Limited currently holds nearly 6.4 million shares at HPG, equivalent to 0.75%.

In early September, ASPL V6 Ltd. sold 1.7 million shares of Nam Long Investment Joint Stock Company (NLG), to reduce the ownership rate to 2.75% ownership (3.9 million shares).

Earlier, in April and August, ASPL V6 Ltd sold nearly 4.2 million shares of NLG.

Meanwhile, on September 21, Vietnam Property Holding continued to sell shares of the Industrial and Urban Development JSC (D2D) to reduce its ownership to 5.15% of capital, equivalent to 549,210 shares.

Also, this year Mekong Capital planned to sell shares of Phu Nhuan Jewelry (PNJ), Mobile World, FPT, Nam Long, and ITC this year.

Foreign investment funds sold their shares in big firms of Vietnam to realize profits from their investments, or because the funds were about to close or to restructure their portfolios.

(Source: VNN)