Sustainable development, SAPA flower, inclusive business, poverty reduction.

Project Objectives

  • Creating and optimizing the flower Value Chains and setting up a sustainable flower business in North Vietnam
  • Creating sustainable employment opportunities throughout the whole value chain of flowers including growing and distribution of flowers at local market
  •  Establishing a comprehensive capacity development program for empowering marginalized people in North West Vietnam whilst increasing their long term employment in the flower growing business
  • Raising awareness among corporate and individual clients on the challenges that disadvantaged groups are facing in North West Vietnam.

The project: Creating a new flower value chain in North-west Vietnam

1. Gain access to a substantial amount of clean land (cooperate with local governement and farmers, no realloaction issues)

2. Create partnerships/ consortium to develop a new Flower Value Chain in NW Vietnam that includes , empowers and trains a substantial group of disadvantaged people in VN. Introducing of Dutch breeding technology and investment partners; consortium development.

3. Set up a sustainable flower growing business while developing the local and Asian market

Read more: 20110131_NWC_Tulip project_Bplan outline_V1.0