A 2015 ban on street vending and drinking and cooking in beaches in Vung Tau to check pollution, that has remained on paper, will be strictly enforced from tomorrow, authorities have said.

Truong Thi Huong, deputy chairwoman of the city People’s Committee, said vendors and tourists do not clean up after they gather to cook, eat and drink on the beaches, causing pollution and making the beaches ugly.

Some even leave charcoal behind after cooking, instead merely burying it in the sand, which is soon washed away by the waves, exposing the charcoal.

The city Friday ordered eateries to quickly remove kiosks, carts and other equipment they used from the beaches and clean up.

Huong said swimmers could go to restaurants and eateries near beaches instead of cooking themselves.

The city plans to create fast food areas on the beaches, and traders can bid to put up kiosks, she said.

(Source: thanhniennews)