HCM – November 2017 – co hosted with IDAT5 Netherlands, NWC organized first Lean Green belt international Training Course to 10 participants successfully.

Lean Practitioners (also called ‘Lean Green Belts’) are the initiators and project leaders of improvement projects. After course, Lean Practitioners know how to use the most important tools. They are able to gain and analyse data for improvement purposes, are trained in presentation and influencing skills and understand Lean transformation.

The Lean Practitioner got his certification when shown theoretical and practical skills. As qualified Lean Practitioners they can make a real difference to business performance and customer satisfaction. During the 5-day training course they learned how to take a systematic approach towards continuous improvement and gain competitive advantage towards other organisations in your business.

Lean focus as a business system on purpose, process, and people to continuously improve effectiveness and efficiency.

NWC trainers are international Master Black belt experts who could give you advice to enhance productivity by simplifying the operational structure enough to understand, perform and manage the work environment.

The participants finished the Lean Practitioner course with an internationally accredited certificate, based on the Lean Competency System (LCS). A reliable institute with its origin from the University of Cardiff.

(NWC Vietnam Consulting)