Pharma Consulting Vietnam 

Vietnam is opening up its Pharma market and local manufacturing will be key in order to sell your pharmaceuticals to the 95mln consumers  in Vietnam. NWC with its experts in the pharma industry (US trained pharmacist and GMP / LEAN consultants) provides support services for international Pharma companies to enter the Vietnamese market. From GMP compliance consulting to product registration and market entry services into Vietnam; NWC can open up the pharma for you.


  • Product registration and IP
  • GMP compliance and certification consulting
  • Regulatory Affairs support services
  • Training and consulting
  • Establishment and implementation of Quality Management Systems
  • Matchmaking and JV partnership

Pharma consulting: international experience and local presence

International manufacturing organizations often face a steep learning curve when wanting to sell and compete on the local market. The big challenge is to get your products registered and achieve compliance to meet a complex local regulatory landscape without incurring significant additional costs.

We support companies by helping develop clear frameworks to understand and address the landscape of national and international quality and compliance standards, regulations and requirements. Our experience has given us the skills to do this in a fast, cost-effective manner, building on existing quality and manufacturing processes, and supplementing or updating these in line with a lean, practical, client-centric interpretation of industry best practice.

Pharma Consulting Vietnam, GMP Vietnam. NWC Consulting can assist you by being your local rep or consultant.

GMP platform Vietnam

GMP Platform Vietnam offers education and consulting services pertaining to GMP with the purpose of improving quality management and assurance at production facilities. To this end, we integrate the knowledge of leading consultants in Vietnam to offer truly valuable one-stop solutions for our clients. Pharma consulting, GMP, TPM in healthcare.