As a specialist in cold forming technology, shipbuilding presses, frame bending machines and framebending and straightening machines, Nieland distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to all aspects of shaping the hull of all types of vessels.

NWC is marketing partner in Vietnam for Nieland. The company Nieland is reputed for the supply of hydraulic portal presses and frame bending machines for the cold forming of double curved (actually complex shaped) panels and frames for shipbuilding industry.

The forming of these panels and frames is a perennial problem at many shipyards because the most common production system is the line heating process, a slow and complex time consuming process based on heating up to high temperatures and subsequent quenching with water.

Cold forming however, based on bending and stretching, is a fast and efficient process which is easier to learn. Nieland transfers the cold forming technology to her clients world-wide and sends her trainers to clients site for a practical on the job training for the operators. The cold forming process is an about 8 times faster process, making this technology so accepted world-wide.

See for a video on the production of a saddle shaped panel or use link:

The cold forming process uses minimum energy whereas the classical line heating system uses lots of gas and oxygen. To be short; the cold forming technology is replacing the line heating technology with great pace. In Vietnam, you will currently find Nieland presses at Bason Shipyard, Halong Shipyard and at the X52 project for Naval ships. Apart from these references a few more projects will be realized on short term.

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