Dr. Thuan Nguyen – Partner Sustainable Development

Mr. Nguyen Anh Thuan has 15 years of work experiences in public health programming and policy development, especially on HIV, gender, sexuality, social equity, migration in developing countries. In 2010, he founded his own company namely Safe Living (A Social Enterprise). Safe Living aims to be a leading social enterprise that work with the most vulnerable people to bring safe and enjoyable sexual health and well-being to Vietnamese. This project will involve People living with HIV (PLWHA) to develop a strategy and a plan and train them with necessary skills to conduct commercial condom marketing activities at non-traditional channels such as tobacco vendors, public shops and guest-houses. Through this, company will employ PLWHA to propagandize on the use of condoms, and creat job opportunities for young PLWHA through maketing high quality condoms. In the future, Mr. Thuan desires to provide and distribute the high quality condoms with Vietnames brand name.