twinings_CKOSStephen Twining shows how to make a cup of tea for the best taste. Photo: Khanh An

Stephen Twining, a 10th generation member of the Twinings family, was in Ho Chi Minh City to share how to make the drink he called a “wonderful gift of nature” for the best taste.
Speaking at the launch in HCMC Monday, he said: “Green tea is perfect to enjoy in the afternoon and peppermint is perfect after dinner.”
Twining has travelled extensively in India and Sri Lanka picking and buying tea leaves.
In 1837 the company received its first royal warrant for tea and was appointed the supplier of teas to the queen’s household.
Twinings was established in 1706 by Thomas Twining, who also opened the world’s first dry tea and coffee shop that still remains open in London.
Vietnam became the latest addition in the global marketing reach of the British brand, which is now available in 116 countries.
(Source: Thanhniennews)