Mr. Le Hoang Minh, Deputy Director of the Department of Transport, said the amount was deducted from 20% of sales of Uber taxi.

To date Uber taxi business in the Netherlands has still not registered transport business operations in the city, while taxi Uber businesses in Vietnam have only registered marketing operations for Uber taxi.

The relevant agencies have raised concerns about the operation of Uber taxi in Vietnam, saying that the operation is unlawful and suggesting the Department of Transport report on the activities of Uber taxi to the HCM City People’s Committee.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ta Long Hy – President of the HCM City Taxi Association – said taxi Uber operates unlawfully in Vietnam and illegally competes with domestic taxi firms.

The Department of Transportation has recorded about 200 Uber taxies without business license, taxi signs, radios and badges.

HCMC Tax Department: very difficult to control Uber

The HCMC Tax Department said Uber Vietnam is a firm with advisory activities, management of the Dutch Uber and gets money from the Netherlands for activities in Vietnam.

The Department said that Uber Vietnam uses software of Uber Netherlands to regulate operations and card payments with transport firms so it is very difficult to control.

Uber Vietnam has just declared corporate income tax on cost management paid by Uber Netherlands for their job of managing customers, answering questions of the Uber customers and individual income tax. The entire transport management is managed by Uber Netherlands.

The HCM City Tax Department said taxi Uber had not made tax declarations of taxi operations in HCM City and the department will take measures to force Uber to pay taxes.

The HCM City Tax Department also said in the future if Uber continues to be silent, the tax authorities will make the next steps. Because all businesses must pay tax, there is no reason that Uber cannot perform tax obligations.

According to the HCMC Tax Department, Vietnam is not the first business market of Uber, therefore Uber is very experienced in business organization, establishment, making contracts with taxi, taxes and other activities.

(Source: tuoitrenews)