Martin Yan (Yan Can Cook) is one of the most famous chefs in the world. He traveled to Vietnam to shoot a series of documentaries for the reality TV show “Martin Yan – Taste of Vietnam”.

The celebrity chef has many memories when making Vietnamese dishes.

In 2012, Martin Yan and the first runner-up of Miss Universe Vietnam Hoang My traveled across Vietnam to film the culture and special cuisines of each region. In each episode, Martin Yan served as the host who told the story of his experience.

Martin Yan said that completing this TV show is the big dream of his life. Coming to Vietnam 15 years ago, the American chef cherished the dream of  making a trans-Vietnam journey to learn about Vietnamese food and create new menus based on rich, delicious specialties.

26 episodes of this reality TV show include stories interwoven among cultural factors and people, and especially the characteristic cuisine of different regions of the S-shaped country.

In this journey, Martin Yan had countless memorable experiences as joining French chef Didier Corlou to prepare French dishes with Vietnamese spices, harvesting rice with the Red Dao people with Muong Hoa valley, making fried fish at the market of Xom Moi in Nha Trang, making coconut rice paper in Giong Trom district, Ben Tre province…

In every place, the people of Vietnam left nice impression for the talented chef. Accompanying Martin Yan is the first runner-up of Miss Universe Vietnam Hoang My, whose humor will surprise the audience.

Besides being broadcasted on SCTV12 in Vietnam, the series also aired on Asian Food Channel in many countries in Asia, and PBS, the public broadcasting station in the U.S.

In addition, the program will be broadcast to 25 other countries in the region and beyond, with the expectation of turning Vietnam into a new food haven of Asia.

In Vietnam, the program will air every Monday at 6pm, on SCTV12, starting from June 6.

(Source: VNN)