Vietnam ships 884.94 million USD worth of rice to the Philippines in 2019, a year-on-year rise of 92.58 percent.

In the year, total exports to the Philippines hit 3.72 billion USD, up 7.63 percent from 2018.

Along with rice, eight goods items had their export value exceeding 100 million USD. Slight increase was seen in the shipment of computer, electronic products and components (up 1.88 percent to 189.68 million USD), coffee (up 9.4 percent to 173.59 million USD), seafood (up 1.94 percent to 120.19 million USD), and garment and textiles (up 3.53 percent to 115.12 million USD).

Rice captured the lion’s share of exports to the Philippines, with revenue accounting for 23.73 percent of the total export revenue to the nation.

Vietnam’s high quality rice has been present in 150 countries and territories around the world.

Last year, the country experienced a fall in rice export value, with nearly 6.3 million tonnes worth 2.76 billion USD being shipped abroad, up 3 percent in volume but down 10 percent in value from the previous year. The main reason was the falling price in global market./.