Forty-eight state owned enterprises (SOEs) had their equitization plans approved by August 20, 2016, only 21.6 percent of the number in 2015.

However, the approval process is in line with the equitization plan set for 2016-2020, in which only 250-280 SOEs would be equitized, half of that in 2011-2015.

The initial public offerings have been going at the same pace as previous years, while the success ratio has seen improvement, up from 45 percent to 75 percent, according to an official report.

This shows the investors’ increased interest in SOEs. The special attention was paid to the share auctions of VEAM (machinery corporation), Vinapharm (pharmacy), Viglacera and Vilico (livestock).

The total value of shares sold in the first eight months of the year increased by 60 percent thanks to the high value of the corporations’ value.

In 2015, the total value of shares sold in 10 biggest divestment campaigns of the year was VND3.676 trillion. The IPO of Vietnam Airlines, the nation’s flag air carrier, brought VND1.116 trillion, Sai Gon Port VND441 billion, Thang Long GTC VND363 billion, Hanoi Toserco (tourism) VND299 billion and Vegetexco (farm produce) VND278 billion.

Meanwhile, the total value of shares sold in the first eight months of 2016 alone reached VND7.222 trillion. VEAM’s IPO alone brought VND2.136 trillion to the state budget, Vissan (food) VND907 billion and Vinapharm VND444 billion.

The ceiling foreign ownership ratio in Vinamilk, the nation’s leading dairy producer, has been raised to 100 percent.

Most recently, the State has announced it will push up the sale of stakes in Sabeco and Habeco, the two largest beer manufacturers in Vietnam, where the state holds 89.6 percent and 81.8 percent of chartered capital, respectively.

Sabeco’s stakes will be sold in two campaigns. In the first campaign, 53.59 percent of chartered capital, or VND24 trillion will be sold right in 2016.

Economists have repeatedly urged the state to speed up the divestment process, saying that there is no need for the state to invest in the business fields which do not relate to national defence and security.

Vo Tri Hao from the HCM City Economics University has said the State should withdraw its capital from two business fields which bring huge profits but cause negative consequences to society – tobacco and lottery.

“The State needs to stop making its contribution to the increase of cancer and games of chance through holding shares in enterprises in the two fields,” he commented.

(Source: Vietnamnet)